Thursday, May 21, 2015

Music Videos Rock!

I think that each of my team members in our music video including me are contributing the same amount as each other. This is a great way to learn about each other and see how funny each of my peers can be. Also how creative this music video can get with my teem. This music video and is a great way to find your inner funny ness! I love this assignment with my team/peers and I have a lot of fun with with my team. I think we all have different ways that we all contribute. An example is that Russel is the main person who tries to find his friend in the music video and when he finds us (the rest of the team) he makes us get back to being friends and I think that that is a great thing to do. And then there is Miles and he is the main singer in the video and he singe the beginning and helps us sing sometimes he is always happy and energetic! But in the music video Michael is the guitarist in the music video and he plays the cords and singe some of the song. Then there is me (Seth) I am the second singer next to Miles and I sing the second most amount of the song.

I think that my audience will enjoy when we find each other at the end of the music video. I feel like that will be there favorite part of the music video, because it makes people feel like they know that the people in the music video are back together and that makes them feel beater about them self knowing that the people are all back together and happy with each other.

The music video will show what we learned in the editing proses and also what we learned in the filming proses also. This is a great video to show our editing skills  and i think that it is a great last project. Over all this is a great way to also show everything that we learned this year with editing and also filming, so hope that you like this music video and the content that we put hard work in to!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lyrical Livelihood

I don't have a favorite song and that makes me more open to learn more songs and listen to other peoples music. I like alternative songs and artist like G-eazy and other artist like that. I also like tecno music with good beats. Over all I like most artist. and there music unless it is devil related that discuss me but it is there choice on music. I also like sorptive like beach music just to cruz it makes me feel relaxed and safe.

My team picked out the song called "back in black" by ACDC because it is very loud and catchy witch makes any person want to listen to it and watch it. this song is also a good music video because it shows you that you can rock out with your friends and have fun with them to. I think this is a great music video because we can show out wiled side in it and it makes us want to let lose because it shows that you can have fun with only your voice and your friends! Also I think the resign my friends or also knows as my team  choose this song is because most of them like punk rock and love to rock out with there friends like i do and they like to have good times. I like this kind of song because they are letting out there inner rock and that makes me happy that they are having a good time. Also i like this song because it is very catchy and make you want to dance.

I think the visual story that the music video will show a bunch of friends that break up and sing the song all separately. Also most of the video we will be away from each other  singing the song "back in black" perfectly in sync and we will switch off and on each others face and do a close up of us lip sinking the song and then maybe have someones car pull up with us in back of it and singing the song. It will tell having fun with friends is great.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Animation Story

Our focus statement is ''friend solve conflict". I think shows our story because Maceo tells us his personal story about going to Florida for a competition. It also tells us how friend's can help you threw certain things like a competition. Another way it tells our story is that quitting is not the solution. So far this is a great film i think and it will become a even greater film soon.

Our audience will learn that having good or even great friends is very good because they will help you threw life and competitions like the one in our story that we are going to show you threw animation and filming. The way our audience will learn is threw experience. Also another way they will learn is threw watching the film and seeing the out come of working together and being successful in being a team with your teammates.

I think that the best moment as a team was when we all filmed and animated together. Also when we teamed up and worked together and accomplished things together as a team! I also think that it is a good experience that we could work together to accomplish more as a team. I think the worse thing that our team Me,Ehu,Maceo, and Brook is when we couldn't figure out what to film and that took up alto of our time to film, do work, and also wright down our story. Another thing that our team struggled in is when we were filming. For example when we were filming a scene and we were having trouble were and how to film the scene. But we worked together and figured it out as a team and our film look's great now! thank you team!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Animation Outtakes

Two interesting things about all of my teammates are. Eheu is talented, funny, caring, And a good person to be around. Brook is a good friend to be around, Also very nice and kind to other people. Then there is Maceo. I do not know Maceo very well but i know him enough to say he is a great person who is interested about other people and also inspires other people for what they think.

Stop motion animation is when your have someone or something that stays still and you take a picture of then and then that move forward again and then your take another picture. And at the end you have a video of that person sliding across the floor of moving really fast in a weird was. A GIF is a short film that has about 10 frames per second, so it plays 10 pictures every second and it goes on for 3 seconds to 20 seconds. So if you do the math 10 pictures times 3 seconds thats 30 pictures for only 3 seconds of showing thats a lot! Also a GIF can go on a loop so it plays for ever!

Are group is telling Maceos' story and the reason we are it because it is one of the most interesting stories and also it relates to life more than telling a story about one of the other people in the group. I thing the reason that the audience should care about this story is because the story is important to Maceo and it shows you a life struggle.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Typography Images

Typography is the art of arraigning type of processing words and printing from it. Typography photos can be used with Typography to make an amazing picture that will show the person and show inside of them what there caricature traits are in words in there body. This picture is made into a lasting image because it shows how the person in the photo stands out and what there caricatures traits are in the photo.

My biggest challenge in this project is the steps to put the words in the image. This was really hard for me but I over came it be asking my friends and looking on the focus wall to find out what to do for the steps to put the words in the image. I also tried to find out what the black layers are and how to put them on the layer screen. But I still feel I still have some of my biggest challenges up to come in this typography photo experiment. For that I will also find a great way to over come the challenge that is thrown at me.

The three examples I have below are all typography photos that I worked hard on. Also I learned something from making theses photos in photoshop. Then how this teacher typography photos are made in photoshop also. All the things i am learning in photoshop with my peers! The difference in my photoshop photos are the typography one the teacher one and my self. Overall i like the ME portrait more!

ME typography


Teacher typography

Innovator typoghaphy

Friday, February 20, 2015

Double Exposed Portraits

portrait photography is when you take a picture of the persons whole face and showing all there features from there shoulders and up. portrait photography doesn't really relate to profile photography that much but if I had to pick some things that make them similar it would be that is shows there face and there expressions but profile photography only shows the bridge of the persons nose. silhouetting is when you take a picture of someone with a lot of light behind them and it only shows the persons outline and there all black with light around theme.

To make a double exposure picture in photoshop you have to open photoshop go to file scrips load files into stack. I think the resign you would want two make a double exposure photo is because it look really good and an amazing photo when your finished.

The symbolism in my two photos I would say is some of the color and how we used double exposer in the pictures. The quality of my work could of improved by me taking a little bit better photo quality. I think that the pictures in my multi exposure are better quality than the pictures in my double exposure. Witch makes my final look beater than my draft photo in quality. Over all I am very happy about theses pictures!

Double Exposure (draft)
Multi Exposure (final)

Move your photos into your photoshop with the browse tool. 
set up to get your photos in to photoshop.

Monday, January 26, 2015

HDR Photography

HDR photography is a way to make your photos look more like real life and also to show more shadows in the picture that you take. You should use HDR Photography when you want to show more contrast and depth in the picture. I personally LOVE HDR photography to me it is more fun then single shot photography and over all it looks a lot beater over all. And so far what I learned about HDR is amazing and i cant wait to learn more soon.

To use HDR step by step you take a bunch of pictures from really low exposure to really hight exposure and then go into your photoshop press edit > because A different > merge to HDR pro. HDR and automatic HDR is very different because auto HDR you just take a picture and it automatically has one picture and HDR you have to take seven or more pictures at different exposure and at the end it comes out to be one really good picture.

For these pictures below i had to take my computer out go to a place were there is a good view of landscape. Then find a person that can stay still for at least ten seconds and after I take the pictures I put them in Photoshop and merge to HDR. Then i take the pictures and put them in my blogger as you see here. I also love how you can use HDR superimpose